Colorado Area Callers / Cuers

Icon Name/Address Contact Info Comments Area
Abbott, Ron Calls Squares DASRDC
Adair, Jim Calls Squares & Cues SEASDC
Albright, Todd DASRDC
Anderson, Gerald A. Calls Squares\n NECSDC
Anderson, Gregg Calls Squares, Cues Rounds, Calls Non-dancer Parties SEASDC
Bahr, Jim Cues & Teaches Rounds DASRDC
Beaty, Bill DASRDC
Beaudion, Paul NECSDC
Bennett, Bud Calls Squares DASRDC
Bentley, Michael SEASDC
Berry, Richard Calls Squares CWASDC
Blakely, John DASRDC
Callaway, Bill Calls Squares, Calls Non-dancer Parties NECSDC
Calloway, Joe Cues Rounds SEASDC
Campbell, Cal Calls Squares DASRDC
Carter, Bill Cues & Teaches Rounds DASRDC
Cook, David After 10 years, David has returned to the Denver area and is available to call for Dance Parties, Dance Instruction and Club Dances. DASRDC
Counts, Ron Calls Modern & Traditional Squares, Contras, Mixers, Party Dances, Folk Dances and Teaches Ballroom SEASDC
Cowlishaw, Spike Calls Squares, Calls Non-dancer Parties SEASDC
Cox, Jeff Cues Rounds, DASRDC
Darrah, Mike Calls Squares, Calls Non-dancer Parties DASRDC
Del Sol, Judd Justin Cues Rounds DASRDC
Evans, Becky Becky & Beyond, cues rounds NECSDC
Ferry, Milo Cues & Teaches Rounds SEASDC
Folsom, Merell Calls Traditional Square Dancing, Contra with live music SEASDC
Furnish, Don Calls Squares, Calls Non-dancer Parties DASRDC
Galvin, Kit Teaches Lines, Folk Dances, Mixers, Party Dances and Teaches Ballroom SEASDC
Gaunt, Bob Calls Squares, Calls Non-dancer Parties DASRDC
Glenn, Edward Cues & Teaches Rounds DASRDC
Gomez, Peter Cues & Teaches Rounds, NECSDC
Guilbert, Lelia Calling Beginners thru Mainstream. One Night Stands. Community Dance Program. Mixers. Contras. Handicapable Groups. Youth Groups. Started calling in 2000, Member of South Dakota Caller's Association, Palace Promenaders Square Dance Club - Mitchell, SD, Plays Tuba with the New Horizons Band of Sioux Falls, SD and the New Horizons Band of Colorado Springs, Played Tuba with the Mitchell Community Band, Hosts TubaChristmas in Mitchell and Pierre, SD SEASDC
Guille, Dave Calls Squares NECSDC
Haines, Barbara Cell: 480-254-8088. I teach and call squares Mainstream thru Advanced. I teach and cue rounds from Phase 2 thru Phase 4. I have belonged to the NorthEast Council Callers Assoc for two years. I now also belong go the Colorado Round Dance Association. I recently called and cued the 5th Saturday Dace for the Northeast Council (Johnnie Adams). I have called (and cued) with Dave Guille at Prairie Promenaders (Dave Guille, Gail Ordway). I have called (and cued) at Ponderosa Promenaders (Mark Hammett, Linda and Ralph Goble). I have called and cued at Square Dusters (Bill and Cindy Focht) NECSDC
Hammett, Mark Calls Squares NECSDC
Hanson, Kirby Calls Squares NECSDC
Heiny, Bill DASRDC
Herr, John Cues & Teaches Rounds, Karen's email: DASRDC
Hirsch, Alan Calls MS and Plus Squares SEASDC
Hohnholt, Kim Calls Squares, NECSDC
Hopson, Ron DASRDC
Husted, Lloyd Inactive CWASDC
Kelley, Miller Cues & Teaches Rounds NECSDC
Klatka, Loretta Cues Rounds, Holyoke, November - March, 810 N Bentsen Palm Dr. #D48, Mission, Tx. 78572, 956 584-7060 NECSDC
Kline, Steve Cues & Teaches Rounds NECSDC
Knight, Roy Cues & Teaches Rounds DASRDC
McBride, Pat Calls Squares, Cues & Teaches Rounds CWASDC
Meachum, Patrick DASRDC
Miller, Robert ('Bear') Calls Squares, Calls Non-dancer Parties DASRDC
Miller, Dennis NECSDC
Moorehouse, Naaman Calls Squares CWASDC
Myers, Carolyn Cues & Teaches Rounds DASRDC
Myers, Harold Calls Squares DASRDC
Nolde, Bryan NECSDC
Olivieri, Mike Calls Squares NECSDC
Olivieri, Audrey SEASDC
Palmer, Jeff Calls Squares, Calls Non-dancer Parties SEASDC
Park, Jim CWASDC
Parker, David Cues Rounds DASRDC
Podbevsek, Lamar Calls Squares, Cues & Teaches Rounds, CWASDC
Raynak, Matt Calls Squares, Calls Non-dancer Parties, Teaches Mainstream & Plus DASRDC
Rendon, Phyllis Calls Squares SEASDC
Riggs, Robert Calls Squares, Cues Rounds, Calls Non-dancer Parties, Allynn's email: DASRDC
Risley, Sonny Cues Rounds,, Chickie's 720-273-3726 DASRDC
Rohs, David Squares, Party & Contra NECSDC
Rue, Dale SEASDC
Sample, Arlin Cues & Teaches Rounds NECSDC
Schappell, Roger Calls Squares NECSDC
Seely, Dan Calls Squares & Cues Rounds CWASDC
Shade, LeRoy Cues & Teaches Rounds DASRDC
Smith, Dave Cues Rounds DASRDC
Smith, George DASRDC
Springer, Maxine Cues & Teaches Rounds CWASDC
Steinkirchner, Debbie Calls Squares SEASDC
Stewart, Chip Calls Squares, Cues Rounds, Calls Non-dancer Parties DASRDC
Stills, Karen Calls Squares, Cues Rounds SEASDC
Strebe, Arnold Calls Squares, Cues Rounds, Calls Non-dancer Parties SEASDC
Thompson, Mitchell Cues & Teaches Rounds DASRDC
Tucker, Barbara Calls Squares, Contra SEASDC
Turley, Michael SEASDC
White, Scott SEASDC
Williams, Jackie Cues & Teaches Rounds SEASDC
Wise, Bronc Squares DASRDC
Wyatt, Ervin Calls Squares, Calls Non-dancer Parties CWASDC