Frequently Asked Question

How do I upload a document to the 'Docs / Forms' area of the CSSDAweb?

CSSDA Document Management
In order to keep document management simple for the web management team, as well as the secretary, please use these rules when uploading documents to the CSSDA web server.
CSSDA Technology Committee

When uploading documents:
1. Please use the following naming convention: [Council] [Position] [Date], i.e.— SE Sr. Rep Report Jan 2014.pdf (COWEST, DEN, NE, SE), or Singles Committee Jan 2014.pdf, or President Report Jan 2014.pdf

2. Please change the security access to “PUBLIC” from “GUEST USERS”


3. Please upload documents in .pdf format (can be read in Adobe Acrobat Reader)
CSSDA Document Upload Rules.pdf January 26, 2014


Instructions for uploading a document to the 'Docs / Forms' area of the CSSDA web site.

1. Access the site at

2. If you've previously registered, Log in using your username/password (if you're not registered, register, and then allow the web master a little time to add you to the group with the needed permissions to upload).

3. Access the docs/forms area of the site where you want to upload a file to (e.g. Jan  2014 Mtg at

4. As a registered/logged in user, you should find an 'Upload' option in the top, right corner of the page.

5. Select the 'Upload' option, and complete the form that it displays. Minimally, you need to provide a Title, Category (e.g., Jan 2014 Mtg) and a File name (which is obtained by 'browsing to / selecting' the desired file from your local computer. If you want everyone visiting the site to be able to see your document, set the 'Access' option to 'Public'. Optionally, you may fill out the other items presented via the upload load.

6. After providing the required title, category, file name, upload the file by selecting the 'Submit' button located near the top, right of the page.

7. After submitting, you can verity that the file has been uploaded by viewing it on the web page.