2018 Featured Callers

Feaured Caller - Gary Shoemake
Gary spent many years in Texas and now makes his home in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.  In 2000 Gary and his partners sold the English Mountain Retreat in Sevierville, TN. where he makes his home.  He is now traveling full time as a Caller and Caller Coach.
Gary's Calling dates and seminars take him nationwide.
After recording at Chaparral Records for twenty years, Gary is now recording with Rhythm Records along with Ken Bower, Jerry Haag and Marshall Flippo.
Gary started dancing and calling in Tulsa, OK. in 1964.  He made it his full time vocation in 1968.  Gary's travels have taken him to all fifty states, Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, and Central America.
Gary has made a lot of friends over the years and his wish is to have the ability to give back to this wonderful activity a small portion of the happiness it has provided him. We are fortunate to have him.

Featured Caller - Jerry Gilbreath
Jerry lives in Albuquerque NM.  He is the caller for the Duke City Singles & Doubles Square dance club. He also runs the ABQ Sundancer’s as a caller run plus club. He has been on staff of Fun Valley for 30 years, plus he travels to Texas, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada to call. He has called in New Zealand and Japan and has plans to travel to more states and countries.
Jerry’s love for square dancing started early in his life when his parents started dancing in the early 50's. He first learned to dance in 1958 in southern California with the Swinging Teens and danced until the mid-60's. He dropped out of dancing in 1966 and joined the Army.  After he returned home he married Mary Beth (who also was part of the Swinging Teens) and they started a family. In 1978 they got back into dancing and Jerry tried his hand at calling. He started calling in 1979 in Las Vegas Nevada. They moved to Dallas TX in 1984 where he became the caller for many clubs. They lived there for 10 years. In 1994 they moved to New Mexico where they still live and Jerry calls. Jerry has been a member of Callerlab since 1980 and believes in the program.
We are lucky to have Jerry join the 2018 Colorado Festival team.