2018 Festival Registration FAQ's

What’s the festival cost?
Registration fee for the weekend package is $80 per adult ($75 before 7/1/2017), $55 per youth dancer. Youth
is defined as anyone under age 18. Dancers who first graduated from mainstream square dance classes since the
2017 Festival may register for $55.00.
The weekend package includes:
1. Dancing – Friday afternoon, Friday evening, Saturday, Saturday evening and Sunday morning.
2. Sewing clinic, fashion show, exhibition dances, competitions, seminars and dance teach sessions.
3. A 3-course Banquet with all dancers served at tables for eight – Saturday evening (a $30.00 value).
4. Awards ceremonies at the banquet.
5. Evening after parties.
The Banquet helps pay for our dance halls. Dancers staying at The Crowne Plaza DIA also help pay for our
dance halls. We need a total of 180 room nights, Thursday through Sunday night.

If you cannot attend the festival both nights, you may purchase Friday Only or Saturday Only registration.
Saturday-Only registration is available for $60.00 per person ($55 before 7/1/2017). Saturday-Only
registration includes the Banquet. Friday-Only registration is $35.00 and does not include the Saturday evening
banquet. Your festival ribbon will identify which package you ordered.

The “Meet and Greet” activity has been re-organized.  Anyone who registered and paid $15 for the original "Meet and Greet" will receive a refund. 
Congregate in Ballroom A or B (exact location TBA) Friday, June 8, 12:30-1:30PM for the free No-Eat Meet and Greet.

Can I register using my credit card?
The Festival recommends paying with a check or cash. Festival income is reduced by credit and debit card
processing fees. Registration will accept credit cards on the festival website, but we recommend mailing a
check with your registration form to minimize our costs. Registration may have a credit card reader so
registration fees may be accepted at some dances and Council meetings. Registration cannot accept credit o
r debit card payments with mail-in registrations.

Are there any special deals or discounts?
Yes, there are Early Bird registration rates for registrations received at the 2017 Festival or any time before July
1, 2017. Early Bird registration for the full weekend is $75.00. Early Bird registration for Saturday-Only is

We also have a special introductory rate to encourage our newest dancers to attend state festivals. Square
dancers who completed their first mainstream lessons after June 11, 2017 may register for $55.00. To receive
this discount, dancers need to obtain a note from their instructor indicating their first mainstream graduation
date and mail it to registration.

Are there discounts for new Round Dancers?
The new dancer discounts apply to new square dancers only.

What will be at the door registration cost?
Adults - $80
Youth - $55
New Dancer - $55
Saturday Only -$60
Friday Only (No Banquet) - $35
Banquet only (non-dancer) - $30
If you register after May 31st 2018 your banquet entrée choices may be limited.
Registration must order all banquet meals with the hotel chef on June 1st .
Registration may have a few unclaimed entrées for the banquet but these will go fast.
There will be no refunds if your entrée selection for the Saturday Banquet is not available
when you register for the festival after May 31st.

What are the entrées for the Saturday Banquet?
Entrée selections are:
   Pan Seared Salmon with a white wine cream sauce
   London Broil Marinated Sirloin Tri Tip with a Mushroom Demi-Glace
   Chicken Scaloppini with Mushrooms, sundried Tomatoes, Capers and white wine sauce
   Vegetarian option available
We hope you will enjoy relaxing and being served at a sit down dinner with your dancing friends.

What if I have dietary restrictions?
The hotel chef will accommodate dietary restrictions at the Saturday Banquet. This includes gluten free, dairy
free and/or any other dietary limitations. The chef will find an option so you can enjoy the banquet with us
. When you register for the festival let us know your needs. We will inform the hotel chef.

Can I change my Banquet entrée selections?
Yes, you will receive one Banquet meal ticket for each person in your party in your registration packet when
you check in at the festival. The meal ticket identifies the entrée selection you have chosen. Display your meal
ticket on your table so your waiter can serve you best. Please inform festival registration of any entrée changes

before June 1, 2018. Should you receive an unwanted meal ticket or change your mind, we suggest trading your
meal ticket with someone who prefers the entrée you ordered.

Can I attend the Banquet without registering for the festival?
We recognize that there may be family members or friends who do not dance but would like to attend the
Banquet with you. Please contact registration for instructions to order Banquet-Only tickets. Banquet entrées
must be ordered before June 1st 2018. The cost will be the same as our cost - $30.00 per person.

Can I cancel my festival registration and get a refund?
Registration fees will be refunded if registration receives your request for refund before June 1, 2018. The
festival will reduce your refund by $5.00 per registration to help cover our registration and refund costs.
If you registered using a credit card your refund may also be reduced by the credit card processing fees.
Starting June 1st the festival chairman will review each cancellation and the cancellation fee will be increased

to $10.00 per registration. In some cases refunds may be mailed after the festival closes.

Can I Pay for an RV Site with my festival Registration?
No. Onsite RV camping fees are payable directly to the Hotel. There are 20 onsite dry camping RV sites available for the festival. Reservations must be made with Ron and Debbie Amsberry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 303-475-6107 and pay the Hotel upon arrival.  The hotel is charging $25.00 per night with a two night minimum. Please mark your registration form to indicate RV camping so Ron & Debbie Amsberry can contact you if other RV camping alternatives are needed.

Can I get a replacement festival ribbon?
If you lose your registration ribbon, inform registration and we will obtain a replacement ribbon. Multiple
ribbons are not available. Move your ribbon between multiple badges using Velcro, tape or buttons.