Thursday, 27 July 2017 12:52

2018 Festival $$$'s

WHY $80.00?

The 2017 Festival was only $45…why are we being charged $80?

The growth in the "Queen City of the Plains" has been booming! The cost for rental venues has increased proportionately.  We are very fortunate to have secured a hotel with large contiguous dancing areas and extra rooms for the least amount of money.

Even though it cost more, we so want you to have an enjoyable 2018 Colorado State Festival,  please help us bring it to you! 

Costs for 2018

WHY host the dinner? 

To meet the contract obligations at Crowne Plaza we had  2 choices, either pay $10,000.00 for use of the dancer halls and seminar rooms, or pay $30.00 per person to meet the $10,000.00 minimum food/hall  requirement.

The 2018 committee chose for you to enjoy "4 Seasons Banquet”, Where do you get the opportunity to dine with 500+ square dancer friends. We will also have available this area for the 2018 After Party.

Pros for the Crowne Plaza,

  • Hotel is located in the same building, as the dance halls.
  • FREE paved parking,
  • Space for 25 RV’s on site,
  • Vendor spaces available, for your shopping pleasure.
  • Restaurant on site, plus many restaurants within walking distance
  • Easy location in Denver to access, even for those out of state visitors. No need to be downtown.
  • Dance floor will be in all of the dance halls!
  • The Crowne Plaza Hotel room rate is $112.00 per night, with an additional $10.00 per night for breakfast for 2.
Hope this helps all of you to understand the behind the scenes of negotiating contracts for large events. Square dancers take more space than a usual reception/dance, and include no alcohol for the venue to make a profit.   It does take money to keep venues up and running.  

We have a fabulous committee working hard to make this a fun and enjoyable festival for all of you to enjoy!

The attachment is a printable version of this text.

Char and Vern Hein

2018 Chairman of the Colorado State Square Dance Festival