Wednesday, 09 May 2018 11:28

Round Dancing at State Festival


ROUND DANCING AT STATE FESTIVAL!!: Attention! Attention! You are invited to join our Round Dance program at the Colorado State Square and Round Dance Festival on June 8-10. Steve and Lori Harris of Apache Junction, Arizona will be our special guest cuers. They have choreographed many dances. They are knowledgeable and fun. In addition, there will be some local cuers to help with the load of all the cueing. There will be about 5 hours of workshops (Phase III-V) where various new dances will be taught by the Harris'. And be aware that there will also be a session: "Intro to Round Dancing". And by the way, there will be dedicated Phase III-IV round dancing on wooden floor for the rounds Friday and Saturday Evenings. So, come and enjoy all the Round Dancing at this great Colorado State Festival. For more details and to register, visit


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