• DASRDC: Orbiting Squares Guidelines
    DASRDC Orbiting SquaresThe Orbiting Squares organization is comprised of volunteers, and was formed by the Denver Area Square and Round Dance Council (DASRDC or Council) to encourage members of the Denver area square dance community to visit the Council meetings. The Executive Board felt that there were too many dancers who did not know what the Council does for the area clubs and dancers and how the Council functions. The Orbiting Squares (OS) is designed to bring in as many people to the meetings as possible, and is based upon the concept of banner stealing and retrieving. In addition to participating in the Council meetings, this also encourages square dancers to visit other clubs. Because the purpose of the OS is different than normal banner stealing and retrieving, the OS operates under different guidelines. Chairmen for the OS are appointed by the Presiden of the DASRDC.

    Membership: Members of the OS must be a member of a club that belongs to the Council. New members are always welcome. The member's first priority is to support their own club. If their club dances on anigh when the OS is retrieving at another club, the member should attend their own club's dance. If a member is needed to steal or retrieve a banner for their club at a dance other than where the OS is retrieving, the member should support their own club.

    Badges: Orbiting Square badges are optional, but highly encouraged. The bages will help promote the Council/Orgiting Squares as well as you own club. The badges consist of three pieces: the OS badge, a name bar, and a club bar. They are to be purchased by the members. Members will work with the OS Chairman in obtaining the badge or any of the individual pieces as needed.

    Stealing the Council Banner: A  'replica' of the Coiuncil banner may be stolen by any club that belongs to the Denver Area Square and Round Dance Council. This is achieved by the following: 
    • Stealing can only occur at DASRDC meetings
    • Three full squares are required
    • Eight people make up a full square
    • One or more Council meetings can be attended to meet the three squares requirement
    • The square(s) must stat for the entire Council meeting
    • Partial squares cannot be accumulated from one meeting to the next
    • A club may not 'borrow' members from other clubs to make a complete square
    • The banner can only be stolen by a club once during the Council year (September through May)
    • The banner cannot be stolen during the June meeting
    • Dancers that belong to morethan one club can represent only one club per meeting
    • When a club successfully steals the Council Banner:
      • The club should have at least two dates available when they want the Orbiting Squares to retrieve the banner
      • The retrieval should be scheduled within a reasonable amount of time
      • All retrievals will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis
    Retrieving the Council Banner:
    • An Orbiting Square member can represnt both the Orbiting Squares and their own club at a retrieval
    • The member signs in as a member of their own club when paying for the dance and also signs in on the Orbiting Squares sign-in sheet
    • The member can steal that club's banner or retrieve their own club's banner at the same time the Orbiting Squares are retrieving the Council banner
    • Orbiting Squares members must sign in by thefirst tip and must stay for the entire evenign
    • The Orbiting Squares cannot guarantee a minimum amount of members be present when retrieving the Council Banner. However, every effort will be made to ensure a good representation by Orbiting Squares members.
    • No retrievals wll be made by the Orbiting Squares during the summer months of June, July and August
    • Courtesy calls can be made throughout the year
    • A banner stealing certificate will be awarded to the club that stole the Council banner when the Orbiting Squares retrieve the Council's 'replica' banner
  • Banner Stealing Guidelines — Clubs
    1.) In order to steal or retrieve a banner, the visiting club must attend the club dance with at least one full square of dancers signing in for their club. Clubs may ask no more than one non-member couple to sign in for their club. Anniversary and Special club dances will not be considered differently from other club dances. 
    2.) A banner stealing and retrieving sign-in sheet must be available at all dances for those participating. This sheet would be picked up by the end of the first tip. 
    3.) To qualify, one full square from each visiting club must be present for both the first and last tips of the evening. In cases where two or more clubs come to steal the banner, the host club will select, by the visiting participating clubs drawing lots, the club to which the banner will be awarded. 
    4.) Banners are not to be reserved for any visiting club. 
    5.) Clubs may not call ahead to find out if the banner is available. 
    6.) A couple who belongs to two or more clubs cannot represent one club and steal or retrieve from another club to which they belong. 
    7.) A club shall not steal from another club which dances on the same night. A club shall not steal a banner unless it may be retrieved within a month. Every effort should be made to retrieve the banner as soon as possible. 
    8.) Plus clubs should steal only from plus clubs and mainstream clubs should steal only from mainstream clubs. 
    9.) All clubs should have a banner for Denver Area Square and Round Dance Council Members to steal. 
    10.) In all cases where a club outside the Denver Area Square and Round Dance Council comes to steal a banner, a traveling banner may be given. 
    11.) A Club can steal a banner or retrieve a banner on a visit to a club, but not both at the same time. It takes a visit to steal and a visit to retrieve. 
    12.) For Council Banner Guidelines see: Orbiting Squares Banner Stealing and Retrieving Guidelines of Council on another page in this Bulletin. (Changed April 2011)