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Our Side of the Mic … (1-1-2014)

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Our Side of the Mic

by Bob Riggs

After a delightful New Year’s Eve Dance last night it became clear that our dance activity can grow if we enjoy each and every dance, each and every person that we meet at a dance.

I ask you … would you participate in an activity where there are complaints about the work to prepare for each event, complaints about the commitment to come and bring refreshments, complaints about the lack of folks that will volunteer to perform the actions necessary for the continuation of the club and the sponsoring of its events? I believe the answer will be a resounding NO.

I ask you … would you participate in an activity where everyone is excited, wants to attend each dance, leaves having enjoyed the dance and the people they met, contributes willingly of their time and other resources? I believe the answer will be a whole hearted YES.

If you observe the dance groups that are doing well, you will see that the second question is answered with a YES. If you see a club that is struggling, you may see the circumstances of the first question.

But, you say that is all fine and good Bob, but our club is struggling, the officers have served for too many years and are tired, we can’t get anyone new into the club, let alone a class. We are struggling simply to have enough money to pay for the hall, the callers and the cuers. Our dances are smaller and smaller and we don’t enjoy it like we used too.

So what do we do? ………….

First, please adopt the philosophy that the enjoyment of those attending is of most importance, and those who are not in attendance will miss a terrific evening and are probably where they ought to be.

Second, leave the worries of the day and the discussions associated with the operation of the club away from the dance. Discuss the serious aspects of club operation in board meetings and separate club meetings.

Third, work with your club members, callers and cuers to produce a dance event that members and guests will truly enjoy and desire to attend. Remember to be creative, produce an event that will draw the attendees you want to draw.

Fourth, market each event to ensure that perspective attendees don’t miss an event that you have put such effort into planning.

Fifth, encourage everyone to remember these five rules of square dancing: (1) enjoy yourself, (2) smile to show your enjoyment, (3) hold up your hands about shoulder high so that others can help if you are unsure, (4) never turn around, the next call is always in front of you and (5) either listen to or ignore the caller, whichever allows everyone to enjoy themselves.

If you would like to contribute your thoughts directly to me please send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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