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Foot and Fiddle: Dance Schedule

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Unless otherwise specified, the venue is:

Windsor Community Center at 250 11th St, Windsor CO 80550
and dance start times are: 6:00pm pre-rounds and 6:30pm squares

WITH OUR FRIENDS AT SQUARE DUSTERS.....we don't necessarily
dance at the same venue or time for each of those dances.    
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Foot & Fiddle 2018-2019 Dance Schedule
Dates SQ Caller  Cuer Theme

 August 1, 2018 (Wed.) 7:00 pm

Dusty Fiddle Dance

Ken Bower David Smith

Dog Days of Summer

  Ft Collins Senior Center

 September 15, 2018   6:00 pm

Dusty Fiddle Dance

 Gary Shoemake  Mitchell Thompson

The Stars are Shining 

Windsor Community Rec Center

 October 6, 2018  Mike Olivieri  Becky Evans Oldies but Goodies
  October 20, 2018  Andy Allemeo David Smith

Allemande with Allemeo

Get Rhythm Promotion

Friday October 26    6:45 pm Bill Heiny No rounds

Fiddling Barn Owls 

All Plus Dance in Windsor

 November 2, 2018 (Friday)  7:30 pm

Dusty Fiddle Dance

 Mike Olivieri David Smith


Club Tico

November 17, 2018    6:00 pm

Berthoud Barn

 Bryan Nolde  Steve Kline

Ask Me to Dance

Come and meet our Solo dancers

 December 1, 2018  Roger Schappell David Smith

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Santa Cops Toy Drive

December 15, 2018 Mike Olivieri  David Smith

Santa's on his way

Beginner Dance

January 5, 2019   6:00 pm

Dusty Fiddle Dance

 Mike Olivieri David Smith

We are `Frozen' with Disney  Magic at the Windsor Community Rec Center

January 19, 2019  Shaun Werkele Steve Kline Through the Looking Glass

February 2, 2019   2:00 pm

Dusty Fiddle Dance

Mountain Magic  David Smith

Sweetheart Ball

Club Tico

February16, 2019    Bryan Nolde  and   Paul Beaudoin  Becky Evans  Open Mic Night
 March 2, 2019 Bill Heiny  David Smith Custer's Last Stand
 March 16, 2019 Lucky Kochenower  Lucky Kochenower You mgiht be a Square Dancer if ...
April 6, 2019 Dave Guille  Becky Evans High Seas
April 20, 2019  Roger Schappell No cuer April Showers
May 4, 2019 Lanny Weaklend  Lanny Weaklend At the Movies
May 18.2019 Jeff Palmer and  Debbie Steinkirchner Barb Haines Wizard of Oz     Trail to State
 June 1, 2019 Bear Miller David Smith       Happy Trails!      




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