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MAPSDC: Hall of Fame Members

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Hall of Fame Members

Persons who have been active in the square and/or round dance activity in the Mountains and Plains Square Dance Council are eligible for nomination. Award is determined by points assigned to various services (see nomination form). To become Hall of Fame members, recipients must have at least 500 points. 

 Hall of Fame / Pioneer Award Nomination Forms - PDF PDF   Word DocumentMS Word

2018 HOF 1280x698

2017      Bill and Cindy Focht

2016     Harriet Simpson

2015     Jeff and Kris Nance

2014    Joan Bristol

2013    Andy and Mary Ann* Anderson
2012     Edwin and JoAnne Cook

2011     Ralph and Linda Goble
             Mike and Janet Olivieri

2010     Johnnie* and Margaret Adams
             Don *and Margy Rouze
             William *and Jean Sharpley

2009     Ed and Elvira Glenn

2008     Arlin and Linda Sample
             Roger and Debbie Schappell

2007     Don and Dorothy Bush
             Roger* and Carlene House
             Torgy* and Jeannine Thorbjornson

2006     Jerry and Sherry Haag
             Kirby and Gloria Hanson

2005     Jerry* and Karen Copeland
             Dave and Mary Ann* Guille

2004     Ron and Jeanne Miller

2003     Max* and Joan* Dortch
             Rich and Rene Mortenson

2002     John* and Eileen* Milburn
             Tom and Sue Nelson

2001     Tim* and Gloria Cavanagh

2000     Bob and Pat Briskey
             Gailard* and Jo Ann* Janes
             Lafi* and Jo Miller

1999     Bill Holm

            Vaughn* and Jean* Parrish

1998     Frank and Barbara Lane

1997     Spence* and Betty Boudinot 
             Paul and Kay Thompson

1996     Ray and Carol Lou* Boyd
             Dave* and Betty* Quinton
             Elson and Anne*Wride

1995     LaVerne* and LaVern Johnson
             Paul Ledford*
             Ray and Verna* Newman

* Deceased 

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