Jul 2018 Mtg

Jul 2018 Mtg
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Invitation to this year's Dance-A-Rama

This year's Dance-A-Rama, Labor Day weekend 2018, Indianapolis...

Please forward this invitation to your clubs.

! Joining the National Singles Association !

** Aside from talk on the Dance-A-Rama hosting, ** The SSDUSA in general has a great mission of providing comraderie & friendship among single square dancers. They also provide a newsletter, and other resources, as well as guidance in starting up singles activities & clubs in your area. Membership in general is a great benefit, & only $6/year to help support their mission. The form & information on the organization is attached. ** Please send an "Introduction & Invitation to Join the National Singles Association" with the attached document, & this link: http://ssdusa.org/   to your clubs (for distribution to all their members). 


Molly Baines, promoter for the SSDUSA 

Dance Promoter Report

No changes to the forms for this year. They can still be found on our site, under Docs/Forms: CSSDA: State Promoter Program.

Please forward the atttached file "Dance Promoter Award Description", and this link, to your Council clubs:


Forms qualifying clubs & individuals for the year 2018 will be due February 1st of 2019.

Keep up the good work on promoting the Promoter Awards!

Molly Baines & Marshall Blaney, 

Colorado Dance Promoter Award Program Chairmen

Proclamation Dance

Please forward this statement/invitation (can just do a copy/paste into an email) to your council clubs for distribution to their members.

Flier is attached. Please attach to your emails & ask that clubs distribute this as well!

Thanks, Molly Baines & Marshall Blaney


July 2018 MAPS Sr. Rep. Reports Summer Fun As Senior Reps having tons of fun greeting, meeting and dancing with many Mountain and Plains Square Dance clubs.
48th DAR Publicity article

A recent publicity article for this year's Dance-A-Rama

Dance-A-Rama programming ideas

Started a rough list of some ideas for programming & seminars if we should get the bid. Please add to the doc if you have any ideas.

Correspondence on Dance-A-Rama

Dance-A-Rama groundwork correspondance re: logistics of putting in a bid for their 50th Anniv.

Updated bidding policy for Dance-A-Rama

SSDUSA did eventually rewrite their DAR policy sheet. 

Dance-A-Rama discussion for June 30th

These are some possible bidding points I plan to bring up at SSDUSA's June 30th Board meeting for further exploration.

I will post another report with their board meeting minutes when I get them.