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Mountaineers Links

DAS&RDC COUNCIL website is here .

On this website you can view information regarding clubs in the Denver Council as well as the Council itself.
There are listings of clubs in the Council, special dances, Council Meeting agendas and reports.  There is a section for flyers for special dances as well.
There are links to other websites that you may find interesting as well.

here .

The Colorado State Square Dance Association website is a great website to find out what's happening in the state of Colorado.  There is information regarding news, both local and national, callers and cuers, clubs in the state, as well as flyers for special dances.  This is a very good site to bookmark.

Where's The Dance

This website is great if you are traveling.  You can find dances anywhere in the world on Wheres the Dance. com.  Access it here .


This site offers a listing of square dance clubs all across the US.  It is similar to "Where's The Dance" but may have clubs listed that are not on "Where's The Dance".  You can access CEDAR.NET here .


This website has graphic displays for square dance calls as well as a written definition of each call.  You can also download an app to our mobile device if you want.  You can access it here .


This site has video lessons of each square dance call.  Check it out here .

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