2018 Festival Local Talent

In addition to our feature Caller and Cuer, we will have many of our fablous local callers and cuers performing for your entertainment and enjoyment as listed below.

Bill and Paula Heiny

Alan R. Hirsch

Roger and Debbie Roger Schappell

Pat and Wanda McBride  

Brian Nolde

Michael Turley

Mike and Barbara Meachum

Barbara Haines

John and Karen Herr

Sonny and Chickie Risley

Arlin and Linda Sample

Allynn and Bob Riggs

Jeff Palmer

Debbie Steinkirchner

Bear Miller

Dave Guille

Roy Knight and Marcia

Mitchell Thompson and Chelsea

Todd and Melody Albright

Leonard and Theresa Gabriel

Carl Truszynski

Hal Barnes

David and Tracy Smith

Dave Cook

Butch Prichett

Susan and Don Wolford