2018 Featured Cuer

Featured Cuers - Steve & Lori Harris
Our love of dancing began in 1985 when we learned how to square dance with Spike and Bonnie Cowlishaw in Colorado Springs while Steve was stationed at Peterson Air Force Base. 

Having so much fun, we went to the same dancing week at Kirkwood ( with Ken Bower, Jerry Haag & Marshall Flippo ) for the next 10 years!
At Kirkwood, we met our future round dance mentors - Jack & Darlene Chaffee.  We learned so much from them and became good friends, too.

In 1990, we started round dance lessons in Lafayette, Colorado with Ed and Elvira Glenn and a few years later, with Gene & Linda Krueger and Jim & Bonnie Bahr.
Steve ( who retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1986 ) was working as a Captain for Contienental Airlines.
In 1994, he was reassigned from Denver to Cleveland.  That is when we began taking round dance lessons from Dick & Pat Winter in Mentor, Ohio.  Steve cued his first song at Kirkwood Lodge.